Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Best Kitchen Knives: Taiwan Cold Steel 400 Series Kitchen Classic Sub Zero Quench

If you favor expensive watches or designer brands of other products that actually are not superior function-wise, stop reading now. But if you are looking for the absolute best kitchen knives at any price, and these are exceedingly inexpensive, then you cannot do better than the Taiwan Cold Steel 400 Series Kitchen Classic Sub Zero Quench. In particular, the steak knives make the best utility knives ever--their cutting ability is unsurpassed, they last forever, and they are extremely comfortable to use. Our Kitchen Utility Panel (KUP) has been testing them for 25 years as general purpose knives, and they do as good a job today as they did 25 years ago, and a better job than any other knife ever has done. 
Cold Steel 6 Piece Steak Knife Set

Link to Knife Website

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Signing for FedEx Deliveries Online

Some FedEx shippers require a signature before leaving a delivery. All international shipments, whether the shipper requires it or not, require such a signature. This can be an inconvenience if you are not home. However, if you sign up with the FedEx Delivery Manager (which is free), you can customize your general delivery preferences (e.g., where packages should be left) as well as options for specific deliveries (e.g., you can "sign" for the delivery so it will be left even if no one is home to sign upon its actual arrival) and to set vacation holds.

Link to FedEx Delivery Management Enrollment Website

Correction re Using a Bose Mini Soundlink With Your Television

In a post dated February 17, we suggested using a Bose Mini Soundlink (or other such mini speaker) as a speaker for your television, which can be connected by bluetooth or cable. As for a cable connection, the post referenced a 3.5mm RCA Y cable, but should have noted more specifically to be sure it is a mini 3.5mm cable, with a 3.5mm connection on both ends (unless your television's audio output ports are some other size). If you ordered the wrong cable from Amazon for $8, it would cost you $6 to return them so you'd get only a $2 refund, hence you will have paid $12 if you return them and only $8 if you don't, and you can give them to charity. We apologize for the incomplete information in that earlier post. 

Print Friendly: Decluttering a Website

Most webpages, including newspaper and magazine articles, are filled with ads and such. Mercury Reader has been my browser extension choice to remove the clutter and produce a clean page. But Print Friendly looks to be better in several ways, e.g., having its own link to share it with others and including the URL.

Link to Print Friendly Website for Browser Extension Download

Check Your Router for Malware

One component of your computer system might not be as secure as the others, namely, your router. In a nanosecond, with no cost, by clicking on the blue "Check your router" button at this site, you will know if you have malware in your router: Link to Check Your Router Website