Friday, July 20, 2018

The Whistleblower (2010 on Amazon Prime)

This could have been a fantastic movie. Based on a true story, what happens is as gripping as gripping can be. Unfortunately, and I do not wish to bore anyone with the technicalities of film making, but the editing, the dialogue, and transitions are just terribly done. But even with those failings, it still could have been a no-miss movie, but the way it's done, essentially documentary style, even though it didn't mean to be, the horrors it depicts are beyond horrible. I don't know how it ends. I'm actually surprised I lasted more than an hour. I concede others might find it one of the most powerful movies ever made.

IMDb Link to the Whistleblower

Phoenix to Santa Fe Flights

The most convenient and often the least expensive way to fly from Phoenix to Santa Fe and back is with American Airlines. Yes, it often is even less expensive than flying to and from Albuquerque on American or Southwest, and you don't have to make the 62 mile 1 hour and 11 minute uphill drive. Here's the thing though: There are not flights every day. As far as our crack Air Investigatory Reconnaissance group (AIR) can tell, there are no flights Sundays or Tuesdays and perhaps other days. 

Good (Albeit Not Great) News for Breaking Bad Fans

Although there will not be a sixth season of Breaking Bad (one of three greatest series of all time along with The Wire and Deadwood), the two stars of Breaking Bad (Brian Cranston (who played Walter White) and Aaron Paul (who played Jesse Pinkman) will be making an appearance in the upcoming season of Better Call Saul (the prequel to Breaking Bad starring Bob Odenkirk). Our Drama Investigative Group (DIG) also reports that, while there will be no more seasons of Breaking Bad, a movie is not ruled out.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Greenfingers (2017 AmazonPrime)

Greenfingers is really good. Even if you haven't been to prison, or haven't gardened, it's a true delight. Helen Mirren is not one of my favorites, and Angela Brie or Melissa Tomei might have done better, but Ms. Mirren is to be applauded. And Clive Owen is terrific.

IMDb Link to Greenfingers

New Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Card

If you have a Southwest Airlines (SWA) Premier Rapid Rewards credit card, you likely got or soon will get an offer to upgrade the card to being a Priority Rapid Rewards credit card. The annual fee goes up to $149, but the benefits would seem to more than make up for the fee delta. Here are those benefits:
Note that, while your card number will not change, you will get a new card with a new expiration date and a new 3-digit code. If you call a telephone rep, you will be told your old card will still work until its expiration date, which will give you plenty of time to leisurely make the changes needed for your many auto-pays you use this card for. If you ask to speak to a supervisor to be able to confirm that, after being put on a 5-minute hold, you will be told, "I apologize for the long hold and appreciate your patience, but oops, I was wrong, your current card will no longer work once your new card is activated," so you will have to make those auto-pay changes in a non-leisurely way. Still, if you have nothing better to do, the extra 1,500 bonus points, the $75 travel credit, and the savings of 4 Early Bird payments ($60) in effect pays for the card.