Monday, May 29, 2017

War Machine (2017) (Netflix)

It's a 2-hour movie and this note is based only on the first hour, but it's definitely worth watching. Not sure about Brad Pitt's performance, but it's a contemporary Afghanistan war story that brings to mind much of what you loved about Catch 22 and, to a lesser extent, Wag the Dog. It moves along, and makes you laugh alot, likely because it strikes true cords that, while laughter is not what's really called for, it's better than throwing rocks at the television. The writing is excellent and the cast' s performances are terrific.  

IMDb Link to War Machine

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hi, My Name Is Doris (Amazon Prime)

Wonderfully quirky, in a story that you just don't see the likes of. The cast is terrific, and one can only wonder if Amy Sedaris would have been better cast than Sally Field, but Sally Field is fabulous, as are all the others from Mad Men, Orange Is the New Black, News Radio, and someone I sat next to first in a bar in LAX and then on the plane in a flight from LAX to PHX (she was married at the time to George Brown but contemplating divorce and we had a wonderful talk, and she did divorce him). The music is great too. The ending might be a bit pat, but even if so, it's a 20 second shot so who cares. In  world of seen it, been there, this is not that except the very end.

IMDb Link to Hi My Name Is Doris

PS re Vacasa

An earlier post touted the advantages of Vacasa for finding a vacation home. We stand by all our praise. But we discovered one serious shortcoming: It does not have an easy way to share your favorites list with others,  making a group decision on where to stay quite cumbersome. It also gives you know what to organize or sub-group your favorites. So, we're going back to HomeAway, at least to find a place, and then will see if it's listed on Vacasa and then will book through it. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

NCAA Women's Softball Post Season

The NCAA women's softball teams that have survived the post-season so far are in the Super Regionals. They are great television, and will remain so through the championship. The talent and displayed skills are phenomenal, the games are great even if not close (because no one ever gives up), the team spirits are invigorating, and the sportsmanship rivals that in golf and surpasses every other sport. You can see it all on ESPN and ESPN 2. It's must-see TV sports. And if you miss the Super Regionals, be sure to tune if for the next rounds.

Rectify (Netflix)

Can't review it yet in any meaningful way having just watched Episode 1 of Season 1. And while it's a bit slow, it pulls you in. You don't know any of the characters yet, but you're intrigued by them. Some seem good and some seem evil, but all seem to have some depth. The violence so far, such as it is, is minimal and not gory, so that's a real positive. If you watch the first episode, it seems hard not watch at least the second. And the hope is, well beyond.