Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Desktop Slider

Desktop Slider is a really neat free utility for Windows that allows you to avoid clutter on your desktop when there are lots of windows open. Consider what happens when your screen is getting a little crowded.  You probably drag some windows out to the far edges of the display, leaving just enough of the window visible so that you can drag it back into view when you need to access it again.  The purpose of Desktop Slider is to allow you to slide those windows completely off the screen, and yet still bring them back very easily. The clever part is that they move in the opposite direction to how you're dragging the mouse, which means you can move them totally off the screen without losing your mouse pointer!  The same method can be used to retrieve windows, or you can retrieve specific ones via the Desktop Slider icon in the status bar. If you don't have a huge screen but you always wished you did, Desktop Slider might just be the ticket.

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