Friday, September 6, 2013

Drinking Buddies

You can wait until a movie comes out in the theatres, or you can watch it on Vudu even sooner. Vudu is a pay-per-view rental service ... no monthly or other fees ... and the charges are quite low. Drinking Buddies is a good example, which came out on Vudu a while ago and just now came out in the theatres.

Many people were disappointed when Jennifer Aniston could not make the transition from the small screen to the big screen, and many people shared the skepticism that Olivia Wilde could not either. But they were wrong. She could and she did, proving that House made a big mistake letting her go. She's a wonderful actress, and turns in a terrific performance.

It's not a perfect movie, but it's very very good. The acting is superb and the style is a cross between documentary, reality, and ad-lib. The people are very real, both in terms of likability and being frustrated with them. While set in brewery world, this is not your Laverne and Shirley.

The ending is like totally obtuse and open to much debate. But while you debate it, be sure to watch all the credits, which are unique. There are not many movies that give credits to "beer consultants," and the list of people thanked is like a nice journey home.

PS: If you haven't re-watched Joe Versus the Volcano and Waiting for Guffman in a while, you must. Neither are perfect, but both are wonderful. Christopher Guest is true genius.

IMDb Link to Drinking Buddies:

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     Best Line: "I know he can get the job ... but can he do the job."

IMDb Link to Waiting for Guffman:

IMDb Link to Laverne & Shirley

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