Saturday, October 19, 2013

Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012)

A most enjoyable movie. Terrific cast. Very well acted. Fairly tightly written. Wonderful sound track. Smart dialogue. Not predictable. Although, perhaps it is. Rashida Jones not only stars in it, she is the executive producer and she wrote the screenplay, so you might have to like Rashida Jones to like the movie. But the thing is, nobody cannot not like Rashida Jones. At the very least, for those who are no longer young and hip, the movie gives a glimpse of what Hollywood would have you believe is the world of the young and hip.

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PS: Those who think of themselves as very observant might try to catch the mis-buttoned sweater Celeste is wearing in the back half of the movie. Perhaps it was unintentional or perhaps it was her signature (a la Alfred Hitchcock's "signing" his movies).

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