Thursday, October 17, 2013

Embrace Setting Changes

For virtually every icon, app, widget, and screen, there are settings and settings within setting and settings within the within settings. While sometimes opaque and non-obvious, playing with these settings will let you customize your device in many many ways which will make the device easier and more fun to use than staying with the device's default setting. For example, some devices default the app icons by segregating them between factory installed and downloaded, but a simple setting change will put them all together in alphabetic order. Also, if something is displaying wrong, like the date and time for the accuweather widget, it might be necessary to change the date/time  in the widget itself as well as in the time zone settings under the general date/time settings because the default settings do not actually set all the date/times for the device. Further, if you run into a dead-end trying to find the right setting, putting the problem into the Google (e.g., "accuweather date/time shows wrong in Samsung Tab 3") usually will give you the clue to the hidden setting that needs changing. Finally, rather than cower with fear in tinkering with settings, it almost never hurts to embrace setting-tinkering with gusto because you can always undo an undesired setting.

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