Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Math Apps for Kids

From Sue Shellenbarger in October 29 Wall Street Journal:

Game designers are offering some promising new options for elementary and middle-school students. An app called Motion Math: Fractions, is available for Apple and Android devices. Players tilt their devices to direct a falling star to the correct place on a number line, which displays a fraction, percent, decimal or pie shape. Wrong answers generate helpful hints and instruction. Playing the game 20 minutes a day for five days increased fractions knowledge by 15% among 120 elementary-school children, according to a controlled, peer-reviewed study published by GameDesk, Los Angeles, a nonprofit that studies and develops educational games and simulations. Motion Math also offers a fractions game called Motion Math Zoom.
GameDesk has several free games on its site, including Slice It, Math Doodles, and Math Snacks—Gate. Another game at, Pearl Diver, rewards players for using fraction and decimal cues to direct a diver to search for pearls along a number line, or to slice a cartoon eel into pieces. Three other games, available through a Web search for the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington, are Treefrog Treasure for younger students; Refraction, which includes addition and multiplication of fractions for older students; and Creature Capture for pairs or groups to play together.

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