Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Removing Unwanted Toolbars and More

Smart Toolbar Remover, which is free, dispatches toolbars from your browser in no time, and it does it without bogging down your processor or installing its own nasty toolbars, as well. If your browser or home page has been hijacked by an add-on program, this program will get rid of it for you. Smart Toolbar Remover is geared toward eliminating toolbars that inject themselves into your browser during another program's install. It scans for nasty add-ons right when you activate the program and it did return results in our test scans. It finds any program that it believes is a toolbar in any browser, so be aware that it may find toolbars you actually want. It may find toolbars in browsers you don't use often, as well. Once you've picked the toolbars you want to get rid of, Smart Toolbar Remover does the rest. If your browser is plagued with toolbars and other junkware, this download is a great addition to your toolkit. Smart Toolbar Remover lives up to its name and stops toolbars from constantly bugging you. It requires a stern eye to make sure you don't delete anything you want, but it's definitely worth it.

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