Saturday, October 19, 2013

WordPad Far Improved and Portable

Ever since version 1.0, Windows has always been supplied with a basic text editor. At first it was Notepad, which is still much-loved today for simple tasks. More recent versions of Windows have included WordPad, which can be seen either as a cut-down version of Word or a souped-up version of Notepad. It's a word processor, though not a terribly full-featured one. It does, though, have a fairly decent editing engine built in, and the ability for other apps to harness that engine if they wish to do so.  This is where Jarte comes in. It uses the WordPad engine to turn WordPad into something that's now a pretty acceptable WP product. You can save files in either RTF or DOC format, there's a spelling check in about 10 different languages, and much more besides. And because the underlying editor is still WordPad, you know it'll produce files that are properly compatible with MS Office. There's even a portable version available, if you wish, which can run from a USB drive or even your Dropbox.
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