Sunday, November 10, 2013

Best App to Join MP3 Files

Often when recording audio onto PC, the finished result might occupy multiple separate MP3 files. Having separate files for each track or song can often be a good idea, of course, if you might want to listen to each one separately.  But in some cases, it's useful to be able to merge separate MP3 files into one, to simplify your listening and the storage of the file.  After trying a couple of programs I eventually opted for MP3 Album Maker, from MakeItOne.  It's a tiny download of less than half a megabyte, and does the job perfectly.  Just fire up the software, choose the MP3 tracks you want to merge, and the program does the rest.  You end up with a single track that you can simply play all the way through without having to repeatedly load up different files into your player.

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