Saturday, November 16, 2013

Best Dictionary App for Apple and Android Devices

Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a free dictionary apps that contains all the definitions from the renowned Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and allows you to view the definitions or thesaurus, even offline. When you don't have any Internet connection, you still can look up a word in a split second as this app comes complete with all entry words. You can tap any word on the screen to check out its synonyms and antonyms, and mark a word as one of your favorites too. When you need example sentences to see how the words are being used, this app also makes it available to you at no cost. This is a bonus as some other dictionary apps disable this feature unless you pay for them. What’s more, you can learn something new everyday with Word of the Day, showing its definitions, example usage and how this word comes from. You can also browse the entire dictionary if you run this app on a tablet, which has more screen real estate to accomodate a scrolling index. With this priceless dictionary, you can use voice search to check out a word without the need to type it, but using voice search, viewing illustrations and hearing audio pronunciations do require an Internet connection.

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