Monday, November 25, 2013


If Boggle is not one of your favorite games from decades ago, you're too young to remember the good old days. That said, if you like word games at all, you will love boggle, and now it's available for free or spring for a dollar and get it without any ads for your Android or Apple device. It comes with its own dictionary for spell checking. Besides being great fun, it will hone your Scrabble skills by teaching you little words that are invaluable in becoming a Scrabble Master. Finally, Boggle addicts will find it a great relief not to have to carry around the physical Boggle play box, while you can continue to enjoy the glares of others in waiting rooms when you rattle the cubes for a new game because of the app's sound effects.

Cautionary Note: Several reviewers report that the app does not work, and there appears to be no fix for its crashing. The game's developer (EA) has nothing about this issue on its website and emailing EA gets only a promise of a reply within 14 days. The good news is that they actually might get back to you the same day, with some trouble-shooting suggestions. The bad news is that none of them (e.g., re-installing, clearing the cache, rebooting), all of which you probably tried, will work. They also will have asked you for some tech info, and then Rajnish will let you know the following: "We want to get you an effective resolution and for this I am going to escalate this issue to higher department. Our senior team is well equipped to handle such issues and I’m confident we’ll solve the issue or suggest alternatives. Due to a back log of contacts, it may take some time so we apologize for the lengthy response time, and we are working diligently to return to an acceptable level of response time." 

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