Thursday, November 21, 2013

eBay Time Saver

Assume you buy something on eBay, you get an eBay order confirmation but no shipping confirmation. Then, two days later, you get a delivery from Amazon of the very product you ordered on eBay, marked as a gift from you and sent on a Prime account which you don't have and the product does not show up on your Amazon order list. You can spend 20 minutes on the phone with Amazon trying to understand what happened, and ask for a supervisor, and be told one will call you back in a half hour, and then call back Amazon when no supervised called, and then call eBay and email the eBay seller, and otherwise stew and fret. Or, you can sit back, enjoy yourself, and not worry about it. Many eBay sellers, when faced with an order that they cannot fulfill because they are out of stock, will fill it just this way through Amazon. So, skip the phone calls to Amazon and to eBay and emails to the eBay seller. Just relax and take life a little easier.

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