Friday, November 8, 2013

Kudos to GE for Doing the Right Thing With a Bit of Urging

Email to GE: "When I opened the upper door while cooking last night, the lights did not go on. I tried several times and they still did not go on. Then they both started flashing on and off at the same time. I waited a while, and opened the door again and the lights came on. I tried several more times last night and again today and the lights are coming on and going off as they are supposed to. I bought the oven (which I LOVE) on 9/13/12, so I assume it is out of warranty. Is this issue something I should be concerned with and have checked, or is it something I can ignore unless it happens again. Thanks. for your attention to this matter."

GE's First Response: "This is a good question.  This is not what we would expect to hear about the wall oven.  Most consumers would not schedule a repair unless the problem occurred routinely.  Moreover, it is difficult for a service technician to diagnose and repair a problem if it is not happening at the time of service.
 The PT925SN4SS offers an initial, limited, 1-year entire appliance, parts and labor warranty.  You are correct, it is no longer under the initial warranty. Thanks for reaching out to us."

Riposte to GE's Response: 

"While I appreciate that GE responded, I must say I am both confused and disturbed by its substance, and EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. Here is why:

1. I did not ask GE and do not really care as your response states what “most consumers” would do or not do. I brought the issue to GE’s attention because I wanted to know what GE would recommend concerning this issue with this product. Your response does not tell me anything in that regard. I really would like to know what GE recommends I should do.

2. While I am sure as your response states that “[t]his [issue] is not what [GE] would expect to hear about the wall oven,” again, that misses the point. What I would like to know is whether GE has EVER heard about this issue and if so, whether there is a possible danger (either to persons in the kitchen or to the electrical system of the house) such that fixing the issue would be imperative. If GE has never heard about this issue, that would be informative as well.

3. I am sure you are right as the response states that it is “difficult for a service technician to diagnose and repair a problem if it is not happening at the time of service.” That is precisely why I contacted GE before having a service technician come out, i.e., to see if there was something you might be able to tell me that I could tell the service technician based on your knowledge of the oven and its electronics to help him or her resolve the issue.

4. I realized I was 5 weeks past the warranty expiration date, which is what I stated in my email to you. I did not ask GE for any special consideration in that regard. All I asked for was the benefit of GE’s knowledge, which I think you will agree I did not get in the response.

I have bought many GE products over the years, including most recently for this house a gas stove top, a microwave, a range hood, and this wall oven. Up until this matter, I have been very pleased with the products and with GE’s customer service. But I think you now can see why I am SO DISAPPOINTED.  As important, I am no more informed now than I was before receiving your response as to whether I should have some technician look at the oven, some hint as to how he or she might diagnose the problem, or whether this issue poses a significant health or electrical hazard such that I should replace the unit or its electrical panel or do something else. In sum, PLEASE send me a meaningful response."

GE's Second Response: 

"Thank you for contacting us.  I just wanted to let you know that your e-mails were forwarded to GE Consumer Relations and that we appreciate the fact that you took the time to make us aware of your situation. My name is Anita.  I am with GE Consumer Relations and I am here to assist you with your concerns.

I do understand that you are concerned if what happened with the lights in your wall oven is something that you need to have looked at. Or if it may present some hazard to you & your home if not done.  GE does not offer  technical service from our service department for our consumers; we do have the GE Answer Center where our Product Specialists can answer very basic questions, mostly information that you might find in the troubleshooting section of your Use & Care manual. 

When consumers contact us with questions such as yours, we do recommend having a service call and since you are concerned about this event, that is what I recommend.  Even though your wall oven is no longer in-warranty with GE, I am happy to offer to you, this one-time, to cover the costs for the service call, if you use GE Factory Service.  GE Factory Service offers morning (8 a.m. - noon) or afternoon (1-5 p.m.) appointment times.  Our appointments are booked on a first come, first serve basis and someone at least 18 years of age must be home during the service call.  Please get back to me as soon as possible with several choices so that we can book your service call.

Let me know if you wish to accept my offer.  I can be reached best by replying to this e-mail.  I respond to any e-mail messages within 24 business hours.

Thank you for choosing GE.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!"

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