Tuesday, November 5, 2013


LastPass is a password manager and much more. Besides storing all your passwords and filling them in automatically on any site you want it to, it stores all kinds of information (indeed any kind of information), which also can be accessed for auto-form-filling and can be accessed from any computer you are on in the world. It's free for use on computers and cost $12/year for use on mobile devices. I've mentioned LastPass before, but am mentioning again only because it has come out with a new version (3.0) that makes everything even spiffier. It's one of those rare upgrades where the program actually was made better and easier.

Download Link: https://lastpass.com/features_free.php

Release Notes on V3.0 Link: https://lastpass.com/upgrade.php?fromwebsite=1&releasenotes=1

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