Saturday, November 2, 2013

Secretariat (2010)

Although Diane Lane turns in one of the worst acting performances ever, and one has to endure the garb of the 1970s especially the hats, and a bit of sappiness, this movie is worthwhile. It's fundamentally a true story, and a fabulous story at that, about arguably the greatest athlete of the 20th Century.*

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     *  Some might argue that a horse should not be considered an athlete viz human beings. But at least one commentator strongly disagrees as the following letter published in the Financial Times during the Summer Olympics 2008 confirms:

           "Sir, In equestrian events that draw the most spectators and interest (thoroughbred, quarter-horse and harness racing, and Arabian horse shows), while jockeys and trainers may achieve significant attention and notoriety it is the horse that (rightly) is designated the winner or champion and whose name is inscribed in the record books and in history. So why, when it comes to the Olympic horse events (dressage and jumping), is it the rider who gets all the glory, while the horse is scarcely recognized?"

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