Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Swiss Army Knife for Androids

This free and excellent Swiss Army Knife app keeps many handy tools in one place. It’s lightweight and it works pretty efficiently with a simplistic design. You just need to install once and your mobile device is equipped with all 10 useful tools below, each of them is ready for use with a tap away.
  • Flashlight - turns your device into a flashlight with a simple on/off button.
  • Unit Converter - easy to use, select a category and choose a unit to get results.
  • Timer - gives you four individual timers with sound notifications.
  • Stop Watch - works with an onscreen or physical volume button.
  • Compass - simple and clean design.
  • Bubble Level - offers three views with calibration.
  • Calculator - a handy scientific calculator.
  • Magnifying Glass - complete with zooms and auto focus.
  • Mirror - ready with a slider for light exposure.
  • Ruler - a standard or diagonal onscreen ruler.
Undeniably it’s a remarkable set of tiny tools. Although each of them may not be as flashy as individual apps that you may find from somewhere else, this app is definitely a good choice if you want something simple that binds all basic tools together, just like an original Swiss Army knife.

Swiss Army Knife

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