Monday, December 2, 2013

Easier Way to Copy and Move Files

The standard way to move or copy files and folders in Windows is to use Windows Explorer.  But there's a fundamental flaw in its design which Microsoft consistently seems to ignore. You open Explorer and select the files you want to move or copy and then, well, what exactly?  You either have to open another instance of Explorer, or move within the open one, in order to paste the stuff you just selected.  It works, but it's messy and complicated.  And Windows Explorer, like the rest of Windows, is often too big and complicated for performing small tasks. All of which is why I rather like an Explorer-like program called Q-Di. It's free, it's a tiny download of around 0.5 MB, it's portable, and it's malware-free.
Once you've downloaded the zip file and unpacked it, just click on the .EXE file to run it.  Instantly you'll see not 1 but 4 identical windows, each showing a view of your PC.  Each of the windows operates independently so you can, for example, point one of them at one folder, and another of them at a different folder, and then easily move or copy stuff between them.  It's simple, elegant, and it works really well.

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