Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Tips on Chrome's New Tab Page and Search

The New Tab Page is VERY convenient.  Once you set it up, you will find yourself using it all the time and will find it will save you time and effort. It lets you put 24 or more site logos on it for easy and fast navigation to places you visit frequently. The new New Tab page is a step backward because it takes up inordinate space with the Google logo and search bar. You do not need the Google search bar ever because the Address Bar in Chrome is Google search. Below are the easy steps to revert to the old New Tab Page. Now, the trick of getting the sites you want onto the New Tab page: Just go to the site, then open the New Tab page, click on the left arrow, and drag the site back to the New Tab page. You can then arrange the sites any way you want simply by dragging. If the site you have designated is not on the page when you click the left arrow, go to Settings and clear the cache and browsing history (which you should do frequently anyhow) and visit the site again and it will be there. Here then is how to revert to the old New Tab page:

1. Type chrome://flags into your browser's address bar.
2. Search for the option labeled "Enable Instant Extended API."
3. Change its setting from "Default" to "Disabled."
4. Restart your browser.

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