Friday, May 16, 2014

Caution re Glary Utilities 5

I know many of you, as a result of my strong recommendation or otherwise, have chosen to use either the free or pro version of Glary Utilities. A couple of days ago, the publishers of GU came out with V5 to replace V4. While it touts many supposed improvements, as often is the case with software, the designers have managed to take a great program and make it worse. Whatever its purported new features, two feature changes have led me to uninstall and stop using GU. First, it has changed how it calculates boot-up time, so a computer will now appear to take twice as long to boot-up and will score demonstrably worse, even though it really does not take any longer. So, either the old way of calculating was wrong or the new one is, but there is no way of knowing and they won't tell you. Second, and far more important, V4 (and even earlier versions) enabled you to designate the time of the delay the start-up of any programs designated to load on Windows start up. Now, any program designated to delay will do so for only .1 second and you cannot change it. In effect, then, there is no significant delay at all.

I will look again at Glary Utilities when it releases V6 to see if it corrects these shortcomings. In the meantime, I have installed WinUtilities, which seems comparable and is free and is significantly smaller than V5. Alternatively, you might just stay with V4 until V6 comes out.

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