Thursday, May 29, 2014

Removing Ads From Kindles "With Special Offers"

Amazon refers to certain Fire tablet and e-readers as “Kindle With Special Offers.” These “special offers” — or as many people call them, advertisements — appear as screen savers, on the lock screen or at the bottom of the home screen. Amazon also has “limited time special offers” on newer Kindle Fire models to provide discounts on selected items, as explained at
While the ads do not appear on the pages of books you buy for the Kindle, they do subsidize the overall cost of the hardware. To pay for ad removal, log into your Amazon account at or go to the Your Account page and in the Digital Content area, click on “Manage Your Content and Devices.” Next, click on “Manage Your Devices” and select your Kindle to display its details. Next to “Special Offers,” click Edit and follow along.
Depending on the type of Kindle, it typically costs $15 or $20 to unsubscribe from the special offers — which is around the price difference with the Kindle models that come ad-free out of the box. Once you unsubscribe, your Amazon account is billed accordingly.

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