Monday, June 9, 2014

The Wedding Video (2012)

Sometimes a derivative movies make it, but more often they don't. This one does not come close. Most of Lucy Punch's on screen (TV and movie) appearances have been forgettable, but her supporting role in Bad Teacher was a treat. Her appearance here joins the forgettable list. Not likely her fault though given how weak the script was, how poor the cinematography was, and how unforgettable all the performances were. A good actor can make a bad character fun to watch, but even a good actor cannot make disagreeable sorts agreeable, and this movie was chock-filled with disagreeable sorts. The wedding planner did provide a few seconds of clever humor, but if wedding planners are your thing, better to re-watch Father of the Bride. And whatever you might think of Father of the Bride, it's way way better than this bomb.

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