Tuesday, March 17, 2015

World's Best Non-Meat Sandwich and Tips on Making It

Lightly toast two pieces of good bread. Lay flat on plate (but not the plate you'll serve it on). Spread both pieces with cream cheese and fresh avocado and a light film of Caesar dressing. From this point on, add the following ingredients in the following order onto just one slice: capers; very thin slices of onion; fresh marjoram; fresh basil leaves; thinly sliced cucumber; thinly sliced tomato; and arugula. Put the other slice on top and press down. Slice into quarter rectangles or quarter triangles. Slide the quarters onto the plate your serving it on. Arrange artistically with whatever else your serving on the side.

Explanatory Notes:

1. The noted order of adding the ingredients reduces any falling out during the assembly of the sandwich.

2. Adding the post-smear ingredients on just one slice makes it easy to "close" the sandwich without anything falling out.

3. Assembling and cutting the sandwich on one plate and then moving it to another insures that the serving plate does not have a bunch of crumbs on it.

4. Slicing into quarters gives many more opportunities for aesthetically pleasing presentations (e.g., the sandwiches can circle the side dish or be below it or above it or, well, there are infinite possibilities).

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