Monday, April 6, 2015

Coffee Maker for Rugged Places

If you're going to some forsaken place out in the middle of nowhere, like Moose Lake, Utah, where they don't even have coffee makers, and you would have to wait until 8 am to get real (i.e., non-instant) coffee, and, because you're flying to the closest airport which still is 3 hours away, it's not practicable to bring your Braun Aromaster (concededly the best and simplest coffee maker ever made and which you can still find on eBay (although now it will cost you about $50 while they used to cost $15 new)), the Bodum Travel French Press is easily packable and unbreakable, and available at Amazon (in black, red, and a very ugly green). PS: If you sail the Greek Isles on a small charter boat, they likely will serve coffee through a French Press.

Amazon Link to Bodum Travel French Press

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