Saturday, April 4, 2015

George's Kitchen (Phoenix)

If you've bemoaning the departure of Cypress Pita Grill, your long national nightmare is over. George's Kitchen just opened and it's even closer (if you live near 16th Street and Bethany Home Road) and has better parking. It's basically Greek food with some Italian thrown in. The greens are very fresh and soup is delicious. The place is aesthetically pleasing and as long as too  many people don't find out about and show up, the noise level is tolerable even with the kind of indoor architecture that will amplify sounds. The website is beautiful and sleek like the restaurant. As of now, it takes multiple clicks to see the various components of the menu, but that should change soon as the owners were very grateful for the suggestion they received on that. The owners are very nice and speak Greek. They are not obnoxious showboats like the owner of Greektown and, so while the food is not as distinctive as Greektown's, one would much rather give them your money.

Link to George's Kitchen Website

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