Monday, April 6, 2015

Getting Rid of .OST Files ("This Computer Only") for Calendar and Contacts in Outlook

By default, Outlook keeps .ost files for the calendar and contacts. It will show up in the left pane of the calendar and contacts. This can cause confusion where creating a new contact or calendar event from the ribbon buttons will appear in the .ost file instead of in the .net file, which is the one you likely are using. To remedy this problem, go to File/Account Settings/Data Files and highlight the .net file (which should be the one NOT designated as the "default") and click on Open File Location. Then close Outlook, go back to that file location, and delete the .net file, and re-open Outlook. You then can click on Calendar and right-click on and remove the "This computer only" link and then click on Contacts and remove the "This computer only" link. Leave all your email settings as is.

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