Saturday, May 28, 2016

Getting a Deep Discount on a New Phone From Your Carrier

By way of example, say you want a Galaxy S5. Rather than pay your carrier $500+ for one, you buy an unlocked one on Amazon for $275. Once you get the phone, you love it, but others have trouble hearing you. It's not an unknown problem, and all the suggested fixes you try don't help. You're tempted to try another unlocked phone but your research shows that this particular problem occurs far more often with unlocked phones than locked ones, So, you're ready to bite the bullet and buy a new S5 from your carrier a the full list price. Before doing that, though, try this:

1. Do a little research to show the kind of deals you might be able to get if you switched to another carrier.

2. Call your carrier and ask to talk to the Termination Department.

3. Start the conversation as follows: "I have a problem. I am hoping we might be able to solve it. I love you as a carrier and don't want to leave, and I am not threatening to leave even if we can't solve the problem and even though I have researched options with other carriers. [Give a totally accurate description of what happened with the unlocked phone; then give a totally accurate description of the deals you've seen elsewhere] Then, say, I am NOT asking you to match any of those deals. I really want to stay with you. I just want to know if there is anything that can be done other than our paying $500 for a new S5 from you."

4. The rep likely will then say she will look to see if there is any "promotion" that is available to "preferred long-time customers." And shzam, she just might find one. Indeed, she just might find one where the actual cost of the phone will drop to $320.

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