Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Orange Is the New Black: Season 3

Season 1 was very good. Season 2 dragged a bit. Season 3 is excellent and it gets better with each new episode. They are starting to really capture not just the characters of the people in the show, but the universal characters of all people in a Shakespearean sense. If you liked the Godfather trilogy (and especially Al Pacino's transformation), you will be handsomely rewarded as you get to the double-digit episodes of Season 3. If you liked Raising Arizona, and especially the post-prison scene "explanations," along with the Private Harry Speak Up episode of the Phil Silvers Show, you will be rewarded even more.  And even if you didn't like Les Mis, you'll sing along at end of Episode 11. Caution: Do not click on the first link below until you've seen Episode 11, but feel free to click on the second link.

Link to Final Scene of Episode 11

Link to Les Mis Key Song

Link to Post-Prison Scene in Raising Arizona

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