Friday, May 13, 2016

Two PSes: Do Not Buy an Unlocked Phone From eBay and One Other Thing

1. Our Consumer Electronics Department, which strongly recommends buying unlocked phones-- especially from Amazon or even Best Buy instead of buying a phone from your carrier, even MORE STRONGLY recommends NOT buying one on eBay even though you could get a deeper discount. Not one seller will fully disclose the seller's return policy (e.g., whether or not the phone must be defective to be returned and the amount of any re-stocking fee). Indeed, when asked to clarify the return policy, here is a typical response one might get from a seller: "Please don't but [sic] from me." Nor will their resolve soften should you respond: "Don't worry. I won't. BUT, please learn to spell simple three-letter words."

2. While the discounts are not nearly as steep, even phones out under a year, like the Samsung Galaxy 7, can be bought unlocked on Amazon or Best Buy for a significant discount compared the carrier's price. For example, a $750+ S7 from your carrier might be gotten for $600 from Amazon.  

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