Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vodka in Plastic Bottles

When Polar Ice stopped distributing in Phoenix, only a few people were lucky enough to have stored the empty plastic bottles, which are a God-send when taking vodka on a road trip, like to Rocky Point. Our Wine and Spirits Department ("WSD") has discovered two newly-available vodkas at Safeway that come in plastic bottles: Frost and Pinnacle. While Pinnacle is a little prettier, WSD recommends Frost for the following reasons: Frost is less expensive ($14.99 vs. $9.99 for 1.75L); Frost has been distilled 5 times while Pinnacle has been distilled just 4 times; the Frost bottle has what's known as a "handle," which are indentations making it easier to lift, pour, and replace, while Pinnacle does not, making it more difficult to handle, especially for people with small hands; and, based on the WSD's extensive marketing research (involving polling, focus groups, and taste-testing), there is no statistically significant difference in how they taste.

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