Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What to Do If Your Boarding Pass Does Not Show TSA Pre ✔

Sometimes, even though you have registered with TSA and have TSA Pre ✔, you discover that your boarding pass does not have the TSA Pre✔ designation printed on it. There can be many reasons this happens even if you have duly entered your TSA Pre ✔ information on your carrier's website before buying your ticket (and of course you should enter that information with any airline you might be flying on), and if your flight involves multiple carriers, you need to have the information on file with each carrier. One of the most frequent is that, contrary to our advising you repeatedly not to do this, you bought the ticket through a third-party and not directly from the carrier. In any event, if the TSA Pre ✔ is missing, go to your carrier's website, double-check that the TSA information is in there or, if not enter it, and hit Update, and then try re-printing your boarding pass.

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