Thursday, June 9, 2016

Coyote Alert (for Phoenix Canal Walkers)

Our Wildlife Department has confirmed that, of late, the number of coyotes prowling the canals has increased sharply. More disturbing, they are more frequently traveling in pairs, which makes them more brazen and aggressive. We urge that all canal walkers not stop walking, because that would in effect be letting the coyotes win, but instead to practice coyote safety in the following four ways: (i) where possible, walk on the North side of the canal (yes, this does mean putting up with more stupid bicyclers and their annoying strobe lights when coming toward you even in broad daylight and their failures to follow bike etiquette in giving proper warning when coming up from behind you in their stealthy manner, but remember, safety first); (ii) flailing your arms akimbo, but do not be surprised or alarmed if the mighty beast(s) raise up on hind legs and flail you back (the below link has a short demonstration of proper flailing akimbo technique); (iii) carry a few rocks with you and throw them at the mighty beast(s) so they aren't lured into thinking humans are their friends (any good rock store will sell you a custom-fit rock for all finger sizes, but you also can pick up the rocks for free right on the canal); and (iv) add a siren/alarm app to your cellphone and carry it at all times, which, when set off, will cause the might beast(s) to think a police car is giving chase (see link below).

Link to Short Demo of Proper Flailing Akimbo Technique

Link to Siren Alarm App Used by Our Wildlife Department

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