Monday, June 27, 2016

Deadwood 2

If you haven't seen Deadwood, you are the second luckiest person in the world next to the person who has not seen The Wire. Some might say Deadwood is better than The Wire, but no one who has seen both would deny that these are the two best shows available for stream binging. While the language in The Wire is wonderful, you need to have closed captions on to get it all. Deadwood suffers from no such infirmity, which makes it truly educational as you will find yourself using so many of the perfectly scripted nouns and adjectives in your everyday life. You'll might even start imaging how other dramatic works might be redone to be even more entertaining and capture a wider audience. Illustratively, once you see Deadwood, you'll never be stuck with the bland "To be or not to be" as it is, but instead your mind will be transported to hear it as it might be: "To be or _______ not to be, that is the _______ question ___________" (adjectives and noun omitted so as not to spoil this for those who have yet to see Deadwood). Deadwood is available for no charge on Amazon Prime, or for a charge from Vudu or  DVD from Netflix or Amazon.

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