Friday, June 3, 2016

Extending Cox (and Like Other Cable Companies) Promotional Discounts

Cox has all kinds of promotional discounts, which change every four months. They don't tell you about them, but if you ask, you just might receive. If you do get a promotional discount (e.g., a $10 sports back for $1.99/month; a $25/month loyalty discount), it typically will expire about a year later. You will get no notice of the expiration so you should calendar it. Then, a day or two before the expiration date, call Cox to see if the discount can be extended or replaced or if an even better one is available. In most instances, what Cox can do, and will do upon request, is take off the service that was discounted and put it right back on, which qualifies it as "new service," and a "new service" discount will apply. If the billing person won't do that, ask to speak to the "Loyalty Department."

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