Thursday, June 2, 2016

GoBone: The Smart Dog Bone

If you don't feel guilty leaving your canine friend behind when you leave the house or don’t have the energy for a walk, there's something wrong with you. But now, you can live guilt-free, and not walk, and still have a healthier and happier pet thanks to GoBone. PulsePet on Monday launched a presale for its new smartbone, an app-controlled dog toy that keeps your pet moving and having fun, even when you’re not around.
Dog owners are able to insert food or treats into the GoBone, and then it works automatically. The device can move around the floor on its own, inspiring the dog to chase it, chew on it, make it squeak, or try to get the treats. GoBone even makes adjustments to its behavior depending on the dog’s age, weight, breed, and play style to keep them active longer. With a battery life of eight hours, the smartbone can keep a pet company for long stretches when it would otherwise be alone.

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