Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More on Roof Rats

While called "roof rats," in Phoenix, it is just as likely that, if one has roof rats in one's home, they came in from sewer system and the plumbing. If external trapping does not kill any or enough of the critters, you can have a smoke test done to see if there are any breaches in your internal plumbing. You also might want to call the City of Phoenix to have them do something with the sewer in your area. Don't bother reporting the matter to the Vector Control Department, who knows nothing. Also, do not bother scouring the City of Phoenix Water/Sewer website, there's nothing there. Instead, call the general number and start hitting "O" and explain your issue. They will give you a direct number to call (602-262-6222) between 6 am and 3 pm. It turns out, if you tell them you have roof rats that might be coming in from the sewer, they will take your name and address and will set traps in the sewer and monitor for 2-3 weeks, and will let you know if they catch any rats.

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