Thursday, June 9, 2016

Roof Rats (in Phoenix)

As explained in graphic and horrid detail in this article how destructive roof rats can be in addition to causing other unpleasantness (which article I would rather not have even mentioned, but our Integrity Department insisted it be included), you don't want roof rats: Link to Graphic Horrible Details About What Roof Rats Can Do to a Home

If you start hearing weird sounds during nocturnal hours, on some days but not all days, seeming to come from the walls and air ducts, it is quite possible you have roof rats or pack rats. You might be wise to schedule a professional inspection (which typically is free if you don't have an attic and just $45 if you do have an attic). Such an inspection by a trained professional: will find rat footprints that you will never find; will determine if the rats have their own food source, which means they are coming and going; and will locate possible entry and egress points around the house and on the roof. If the inspection confirms rats, you likely will want to do a trap/kill and monitor program and a sealing of possible entry and egress points, This could be done by a handyman or handywoman, but our Rodent Department has researched the matter and has concluded that CritterTech of Arizona is the way to go (both for the inspection and the treatment). They have an excellent reputation, and are extremely professional, courteous, and impressive. 

Lastly, it is meet to note that having roof rats is nothing to be ashamed of--indeed, some of the most luxurious upscale residences have them and are darn proud of it. And, if someone boasts they don't have no stinkin rats in their house, just tell them, "How's that karma/Shakespearean-Greek-tragedy thing working for you!"

Here is the CritterTech contact info: Jason Nolan 602-274-8837;;

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