Thursday, June 23, 2016

Roof Rats Part 4

There are four ways a roof rat can get into a house: unsealed vents on the roof; openings in the soffit; a door or window left open; or through a hole or holes or break or breaks in the plumbing. If it's through a hole in the plumbing, you've got to find it before you can fix it. The fix can be exceedingly expensive depending on location and extensiveness. But the test, called a smoke test, takes about an hour, is quite unobtrusiveness, and is not unduly expensive. Be aware that your anxiety level likely will go through the roof as the test proceeds because, if they find something, you know it could mean big trouble. But living with the anxiety of not knowing is excruciating as well. And if the test comes up negative, i.e., no breaches in your plumbing, you cannot imagine the exhilaration and utter glee you will experience. So, even if your rat company wants to save you money by putting off a smoke test, feel free to say, damn the torpedoes, let's have a smoke.

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