Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Scorpion Treatment and Etiquette

While sealing and monthly treatments should reduce the number of scorpions in a house, no reputable exterminator can guarantee by sealing (which is very expensive) or monthly treatments the elimination of house scorpions here in Phoenix. Here is as good a method as any: Just before retiring for the evening, whoever is the last adult in the household to go to sleep should walk the perimeter of the house with a black light and his or her favorite killing tool. Invariably, there will be scorpions to kill, sometimes just a few and other times quite a few. Most people who make this nightly prophylactic journey find it increasingly satisfying and a welcome challenge, and they also take enormous satisfcation from the immense gratitude shown them by others in the household. Here is what a scorpion looks like:

Image result for scorpion

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