Thursday, June 30, 2016

Video Streaming on the Go (Like to Watch While on a Plane Without Wi-Fi)

[From the NYT]
While many services still primarily deliver video as an active stream over an internet connection, a few have begun to offer an “offline viewing” option that lets you temporarily (and legally) download movies to your device for those times when you do not have network access. For example, Amazon Prime and Prime Video members can download certain titles in the Prime video catalog, but the offline viewing period varies based on the movie or television show. The $10-a-month YouTube Red service has an offline-viewing mode, too.
Netflix is among the services that do not currently have temporary downloads that play without an internet connection. (The company’s chief executive has said an offline option is under consideration for the future, though.)
Third-party subscription services like PlayOn allow you to record streams from Netflix, Hulu and other video providers on a Windows PC to play later on a mobile device. While these types of “time-shifting” tools can be seen in the same legal light as recording a show with a VCR for personal viewing, using them usually violates your terms of service agreements with Netflix and the other companies.

If you are traveling and want fresh material on your mobile device to watch on the road, you can also rent videos from Amazon Video, the Google Playstore, Microsoft Movies & TV or Apple’s iTunes Store. Depending on the store and title, you can find full-length movies to rent for as little as 99 cents and you do not need an internet connection to watch them after you download the content to your mobile device before you go.

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