Saturday, July 9, 2016

Amazon Money-Saving Tip for Returns

Say your tablet died on you and will not boot up. You go through the known fixes (e.g., holding down the power button for 30 seconds and holding down the power button and the volume button), but no luck. You charge it for a while but still no luck. You go to Amazon and settle on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8-inch tablet, but you have to order in 4 minutes to get same day free delivery. You put in your cart and pick out a screen saver pack, and put it in your cart. Now you race to find a cover/case and with less than a minute to go, you don't like what you see. So you place the order, and go back and find a case/cover for $9.47, which you order, but because it's under $35, you won't get it for 2 days. You call Amazon to see if it will combine the two orders, and while they try, they can't, although they do move up your delivery on the case/cover to next day for no charge. Eight hours later, you happen to see your tablet which happened to be left plugged, and schzam, the rescue screen comes up and it boots up and shows as 50% charged. You leave it over night and it's 100% charged and is holding the charge. So, now you want to return the tablet, the screen saver and the case cover. Here's the problem, because the return is not due to anything Amazon did, you will be charged about $8 for the return shipping label. That's fine with you, but you don't want to pay $8 for the tablet/screen saver return and another $8 to return the $9.47 case/cover. If you can refuse delivery on the case/cover, problem solved. But if not, try this (which likely works better for Prime members): Call Amazon, tell them the issue, tell them you totally understand if Amazon can't do anything, but might they be able to figure out how not to charge you two return shipping costs. Again, Amazon cannot combine the return orders. But, if you ask really nice, and make clear you'll abide any Amazon decision, they just might issue a second shipping label at no cost to you (even though Amazon has to pay for the shipping back and even $1 for the printing of the label).

PS: Our Technical Department had no chance to run the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8-inch tablet through the rigorous testing it has earned its reputation on, but that tablet has gotten really good reviews from cnet and elsewhere, runs Android 5.0, and costs under $200. And you can get it from Amazon the day you order it.

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