Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Arizona Driver License Renewal

Wow! It's not your grand-father's driver license renewal center any more. They've really improved the process. The longest wait is at the check-in desk, which can be 10+ minutes. Once past there, your wait to have your picture taken will be under 3 minutes, your wait to get to a desk under 2 minutes, and the time for your eye exam and paper-work at the desk under 5 minutes, and you're done with temporary license in hand (the permanent one will be mailed to you). You can go online to print and fill out the form ahead of time and to see the estimated wait time at each facility, but the estimated time given in this instance of 38 minutes was way way longer than the actual time.

PS: As to driving to the West Side facility on the I-10 and back on street roads, well, let's please not go there.

PPS: You need only one good eye to pass the eye exam. So, if your new prescription glasses that updated your left eye lens haven't come yet, but your right eye lens is fine, just close your left eye and the numbers on the chart will be perfectly clear.

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