Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Duplicate Driver's License (Arizona)

You're about to go on a trip, and you look in your wallet, no driver's license. You call the last 4 places you've been, no driver's license. You have a passport, but that won't help you at the rental car counter. You have a picture of it on your phone, but again, no assurance it will be accepted at the rental car counter. You go online to order a replacement, which for an additional fee will be delivered in 2 days, but let's suppose your trip is tomorrow. Your order one anyhow, with standard delivery, because, even if your license shows up, you realize it would be a good idea to have a spare on hand which costs under $13. And then, as if further proof of God were needed, the scanner on your desk catches your eye, you lift the lid, and schzam, there it is! Actually, and loyal readers would know this from two earlier posts: (i) because you renewed your license just last week, you still had the temporary license they issued then and it would remain valid until after your return; and (ii) the post praising Evernote to keep on your phone things like your passport and driver's license.

Link to Site for Ordering Replacement Driver's License

PS: This trip is a reward to our incredible staff that has done another magnificent job this past year. They will be eating lobster in Maine, cooked and delivered for $5.50 per pound. It is possible they will do posts from time to time, but you never know with them.

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