Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gift Registries and In Lieu of Suggestions

[Inspired by NPR]

No matter who one is voting for (or against), the November elections, especially the presidential election, clearly dominate the news and people's conversations and rapt attention. Particularly if you care about the outcome, and have a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other such joyous event coming up where you set up a gift registry, in addition to (or even instead of) the traditional pots, pans, and the like, consider putting the following:

Fill in [$ amount] and that sum will be contributed to [candidate of your choice's] campaign:

Check this box promising you'll vote for [candidate of your choice]:

Or sadly, if you have an obituary to prepare, consider putting in something like this: "In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate that you vote for [candidate of your choice] and make a contribution to [his or her] campaign."

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