Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Seeking Changes to Southwest Airlines Boarding Practices

Southwest Airlines has been alerted to three issues. The more they hear from others, the more likely they are to make appropriate changes. Here is the text of what they have received:

"1. I certainly understand why persons with disabilities should board first, ahead of even A-1. But, with Early Birds now costing $15@, I do not understand why, except in special cases, large families are permitted to board early when they have not paid the Early Bird charge. If you want to give them some priority, board them after the Early birds have boarded.

"2. As to anyone who is not an Early Bird that is permitted to board before A-1, it would seem fair for SWA to not allow them to sit in the Emergency Row area where there is additional leg room.

"3. I have seen where couples have not paid the Early Bird fee, but then pay $40 for one of them to board in the A-15 and lower group, and that person then tells anyone trying to sit in the next seat that it is taken by someone who is in the lavatory, and keeps saying so until the companion traveler showing up. Maybe SWA cannot stop this unethical practice, but an announcement or warning to anyone buying a $40 boarding pass might be in order.

"Thanks for your attention to these matters."

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