Saturday, July 30, 2016

Some Travel Tips

1. If flying American, it is worth spending the relatively small amount to reserve an exit row seat. The extra six inches of legroom makes an enormous difference. And, while you are toward the front, they don't seem to stop you from using the front lavatory, and even the passengers up there don't seem to complain, as some passengers used to.

2. If driving in Boston, don't.
3. If driving from Boston to Maine, expect an enormous amount of traffic. Just chill.

4. If you rent a house/condo/apartment in Maine, be sure that there are lobster vice crackers before having pounds of delicious lobster delivered. Otherwise, you will have to depend on the goodwill of a nearby restaurant to lend you some.

5. Here is a truly great trip if you are flying on an airline that charges for checked luggage. Don't. Take it to the gate. Because so many people try to board with too much luggage, at the gate they beg you to check your luggage and will allow you to do so for free. Not kidding. We normally do not countenance such conduct. But when it comes to the airlines these days, beating them at their game is to be applauded.

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