Monday, July 11, 2016

US Women's Open

Just after the USGA did its total mess up Sunday during the playoff of the US Women's Open, our message board lit up asking us to do something. Obviously, we have no jurisdiction over the matter, but loyal readers wanted us to maximize the ridicule the USGA was getting. We had our crack Video Department study the camera shot, and it immediately became clear the USGA fundamental error was far more serious than what has to date been commented on. As a result, we have sent the text of following letter to the NYT, WSJ, and The Golf Channel.

"Everyone agrees that the USGA messed up in how it handled a ruling by not advising the players earlier and simultaneously during the playoff of the U.S. Women’s Open. While that criticism is amply justified, it actually misses the USGA’s even bigger error, which seems to be missed also by all the commentary. Specifically, the video tape does not, and from its angle could not, show a grounding of the club in the sand trap. Rather, it shows only that a grain of sand moved at the same time the club moved. But, because the camera was above the sole of the club shooting down, and not below the sole shooting up, that camera shot did not, and could not, show that the bottom of club’s sole actually touched the sand. Indeed, given the heavy wind gusts at the time, it is at least equally likely, and perhaps even more likely, that, as the club moved leaving the sand more exposed to the wind, it was the wind that toppled the grain of sand, not the club."

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