Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beverage Coolers

Since the post this morning about some issues with Amazon arising out of a beverage cooler purchase (all of which have been resolved fabulously), our Small Appliance Department has been flooded with inquiries as to the pros and cons of owning a beverage cooler. While the Department's view on this is unanimous, the Department's Director puts it this way (using the Danby DBC120BLS) as the reference:


1. Although it's not big, it stores a lot of cans and bottles in a chilled state. As a result, one can buy sodas and waters and such less frequently, making grocery shopping easier. More important, you are far less likely to run out of your favorite can and bottle beverages, which can be embarrassing or even humiliating when entertaining. And even more important than that, you will "create" substantially more space in your refrigerator because it no longer will be used to store sodas and waters and such.

2. At less than $200, it is a steal for this added functionality. My previous one lasted 8 eight years (so it cost about $25 per year) and likely would have kept on going had I just turned it off while traveling while the house thermostat was set a bit higher than when the house is occupied.

3. If you want to hide it some place (like in your air-blower closet) you can. But if you want to leave it out, it's stylish and, at night, if you leave the blue light on, it's dazzlingly beautiful. You can think of it as your own little Chrysler Building.

4. It's a nice little-back up to have in an emergency if your refrigerator ever goes out. You might not save all your frozen food, but you certainly can save a lot of perishables. And if you get snowed in, it's a God-send.

5. If, after you get it you don't like it, I believe at least with Costco you can return it no questions asked, so it's a no risk purchase. Even if not, you can gift it and make a friend for life or sell it at a discount and make a new acquaintence for a short time.



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  1. One con could be not having enough room for your future child's high chair because you've devoted the space to a beverage fridge that you totally didn't need.