Thursday, August 11, 2016

Car Key Fob Precaution

If you drive your own car, and your car works with a key fob that stays in your pocket, the key fob has a batter in it and batteries die. If the key fob battery dies, even the hard emergency key built into the fob, which will open the doors, will not start the car because the car needs to recognize a key fob to be able to turn on the motor and drive away. Changing the battery is really easy, but you need to have a battery, and typically it's an odd battery. Here's a good thing to do: Put your car model and year and the words "change key fob battery" (without quotes) into the Google, which will show you how to change the battery and what battery you need. Then immediately order a couple of spare batteries from Amazon Prime or buy them at your dealer. If you don't know what a key fob is, or even if you do, here is what one looks like:

Image result for key fob

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