Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Caution re Cox (Phoenix) Auto-Pay

If you have your Cox bill automatically paid with a credit card, and your credit card is compromised so the number has to be changed, CAUTION: The change will not take place for Cox's current billing cycle. So, if you don't make a manual payment, you will be dinged. Likely it will do no good, but the head of our Complaint Department has sent the following to Cox:

Complaint: I have been a Cox customer for more than 20 years and on Auto Easy Pay with my credit card since it became available. I use that same card for all my auto-pays. When I have to change the card because it was compromised, it’s a significant undertaking. But, every merchant I deal with makes it much easier than Cox does. Specifically, except for Cox, every merchant allows the new card to take effect immediately (including the following merchants: AT&T; AARP; United Health; AFLAC; Amica; Arizona Republic; NYT; Google; Netflix; Vudu; WSJ; Walgreens). In sharp contrast, Cox does not allow the new card to apply to the current billing cycle, but instead, and with little notice makes the customer do a manual payment for the then current billing cycle. Last month, not only did Cox not inform me that a bill was due, the first notice it gave me was that a bill payment had been rejected and was overdue.

Suggestion: Given how all other merchants are able and in fact process credit card changes immediately for their auto-pay system, there does not seem to be any good reason Cox should not as well. Please consider allowing auto-pay credit card changes to take place immediately. Not only would it reduce customer frustration and the kind of problem I encountered last month and apparently again this month, it would likely save Cox money by reducing the number of customer telephone calls it would be getting from customers unwarily not realizing that their auto-pay had been suspended.

Request: I very much would appreciate a phone call from a Cox rep with authority to speak knowledgably about this issue. Thanks.

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