Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cox Email Problems (Phoenix)

The Cox email servers have a known issue starting yesterday of not delivering or seriously delaying the delivery of emails. Here are two suggestions that were given them by the head of our Efficiency Department:

Suggestion 1: There clearly have been serious problems with Cox’s email servers over the past two days (delaying delivery of emails by a day or more), which the Cox rep I talked to confirmed. Everyone understands that problems happen. But what is not understandable is Cox’s failure to send email notices to its customers alerting them to the problem. This would not only would be a courtesy to customers, and make them appreciate Cox more, it would save Cox money by not having to handle the flood of phone calls it gets when such problems arise.

Suggestion 2: When I phoned to report the email server problem, I was put on hold with no estimate of the expected hold time. Giving expected hold time is done by almost every large company. Providing such notice not only would be a service to customers, and make them appreciate Cox more, it would tend to clear the line of people not wanting to wait an extended time to talk to a rep, so that more calls could be handled by fewer Cox reps.

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